Being a Portal Seeker

Knowledge for new and veteran Portal Seeker Members

Guild Member Reputation System

All guild members can now show their appreciation of other members, by adding a short message of note for others to look at, with our new Reputation system on Portal Seekers Discord server! This system will be used to help promote active members and those that are really contributing towards the guild, and hunts.

There are just a few flag commands you can use in chat to log your message, or see what others have said about someone else. The commands are as follows:

Add a Reputation point/comment:
       +rep @player reason
This command will store the “reason” underneath the @player, which will be able to be looked up later.
example: +rep @Simyod Thanks for making an awesome map site for us to use for hunts!

List Players Reputation Log:
       !listrep @player
This command will list all the “reasons” logged for the specified player. You can also use the players discord ID here, to avoid pinging people. (To get the user ID, please do a google search on how to get someone’s discord ID.)
example: !listrep @Simyod

List total Reputation Logs per Person:
If !listrep is used without a target player, then it will give you a list of the total number of reputation logs per person with the number of people who gave each person rep.
example: !listrep

Get started today using the reputation system! 😀

Policy for PS Gateways

As the portal seeker portal hub has aged, we have come to learn things that weren’t anticipated at the start, and we are looking to set a policy in place to help address some of these issues.


The PS Gateways were founded to try and organize a complex system of portals. Many hubs had existed before PS but most strived to create a single room or area where everything could be linked (for example Therka Market Plaza). PS believes that this pattern leads to large disorganized areas where it can be hard to look for specific categories of portals, or specific locations. There are different ideas on how to provide more order to this chaos in an extensible way. PS has chosen to use the transfer station approach, pioneered originally by Jeff’s transfer stations. PS uses gateways on each planet to provide portals to other places on the same planet. The gateways are constructed in a way that allows for quick travel to other planet’s gateways, while also having space for “free” portals that players can link to around the gateway portals.

Gateway Ownership

Since the gateway network consists of many different plotted areas, an issue that we face is the absentee hub owners. Life happens, and people’s interest in the game will wax and wane.  However, for the portal hub to stay useful it requires periodic maintenance and upkeep. As such we have a policy to manage ownership of hubs and building replacement hubs if ownership can’t be resolved.

Gateway Footfall

Any coin gained from Gateway traffic is expected to be used for Gateway maintenance, for building in PS branded cities, or for other PS activities/events. This coin is not given to members unless  it is going to be used for the aformentioned purposes.

Permissions for Portal Masters

To ensure that we can rapidly address issues that may arise with a hub, our Portal Masters need full access to the hubs. Portal Masters are voted into their role by a majority Elders. Portal Masters are listed in a spreadsheet (here), and people in this spreadsheet must be added with full permissions to a gateway within 2 weeks of promotion announcement or a replacement hub will be built.

Portal Keepers

Portal Keepers is a role you can get if you volunteer to help with some building/updating on a gateway. We have tons of materials and can also provide coin from footfall for improving the gateways. With time and effort trust can be gained and eventual promotion to Portal Master. Keep your ears open for ongoing work, and offer to improve specific gateways with specific plans in order to get access to more gateways!

Extended Absence of Gateway Owners

Should the owner plan on taking an extended break from the game, we ask that ownership of the hub be transferred to a guild officer. When the player returns and becomes active again, if nobody else has made said gateway their baby, they are welcome to take back ownership. Contact a PS Elder to begin a discussion about starting or ending an extended absence. We will do our best to support your needs. Again, footfall is expected to be used as described above.

Network Planning

As new planets are added, or as things change, we need to adapt. New ideas are welcome and we can change things as necessary.

Network/Universe Structure Change Nomination

If the universe layout changes, or as new planets are added, we need to adapt to the new universe graph. When a significant change happens, elders can come to an agreement to initiate changes to our network. If two or more elders agree that a change is needed, the community will be notified and a roughly 3-day timer will be started.

Three Day Consideration

This timespan was selected to allow communication of all members in different timezones before a significant change to the network is made. This time is here to further investigate the changes, and provide ideas for the new construction. Use this time wisely, because if you don’t contribute your ideas quickly, any changes may be deferred until the next significant change. Our goal is to provide a reliable travel network for the community, and constantly rearranging things is problematic. Delaying three days means we may not be the first to link to things, but the quality and maintainability of our network is designed to outlast others.

Implementing Change

After the three days are passed, construction will begin as discussed. Volunteer to help to get access to more portal gateways!

Individual Gateway Construction

As described above, the PS network uses gateways on different planets to connect things together, below are design principles required to maintain order and keep us ahead of our competition.

Gateway Connections

At the heart of each gateway, there are links to other gateways. These portals must be facing each other with a mostly empty space between them.