Shopping Hub & Gateway Hub Information

Welcome to the Portal Seekers

Shopping Hub & Gateways!

Searching for a place to connect your shop? Want to increase the amount of Players Buying and Selling in your shop? Then the Portal Seekers Shopping Hubs are the right place for you!

Gateway Hubs

Having trouble finding an efficient way around the universe? Want a quick way to get to your local Portal Seekers network? Then it looks like the Gateway Hubs would be perfect for you!

Info for New Portal Owners to Get Your Sign Named

It is your responsibility to keep the portal going. If it closes we will revert sign and place tokens back on sale.

When you have setup a portal and are ready to have it reviewed and sign changed, contact us on our discord under the Portal-Network Channel
Our Discord : #Portal-Network

If your portal does not fall within the applicable guidelines, you will have 72 hours to resolve the issue. If you fail to do so, your portal could be closed, and spot lost.

Player & City Portal Guidelines

Player Portals:
1.  Player Portals are made to be planet specific. Player Portals are not to be used to get to another planet.
2.  Player portals will only be provided in 1x2 conduit configuration.
3.  Player Portal Signs will be labeled by location in the hub.

City Portals:
1.  City portals are available by request or token from stand, and will be 2x2.
2.  Any Settlement can request any available City Portal.

Shop Portal Guidelines

1.  The Portals in the Shopping Rings are for SHOPS ONLY! The shop is to be preferably in front of the portal, within 12 blocks, and visible from the Shopping hub side. If it looks like it would take shoppers too much hassle to find the shop. If you are a mall or market, it should be straight out from the portal.

2.  The Portal size shall not exceed a total of 4 conduits. If there are no portal arrangements available to match your needs, within the 4 conduit limit, please contact us on Discord to see if we can get one modified or created for you.

3.  You are only allowed to have a shopping portal to ONE Portal Seekers Shopping Hub. If you have a duplicate portal setup to a separate Portal Seekers Shopping Hub, both portals will be marked as not following this Guideline.

4.  The Portal should connect directly to your shop, and not via transfer station. There should not be another portal directly in front of the Shopping Hub portal. There can be other portals to vicinity of the Shopping Hub Portal as long as it is not directly interfering between the Shopping Hub portal and your Shopping Area.

5.  You must put up a sign on your side of the Shopping Hub portal that indicates that it goes to a Portal Seekers Shopping Hub. This is what we would prefer it to read:
-Portal Seekers-
-Shopping Hub-

6.  You are responsible for keeping your own shop active and stocked. If your shop goes inactive more than 2 weeks, the portal will be closed.