Join the Portal Seekers Guild

About Us:

Portal Seekers is a friendly community full of opportunities no matter your game play style. Here is a list of some of the roles. The roles are also not exclusive, you can do more than one!

If you are interested in joining, just fill out an application in our Discord: #apply-for-membership


  1. What’s your Main Character Name? Any alt characters?
  2. Where are you from? (EU, USE, USW, AUS)
  3. What are your favorite activities in Boundless?
    Which ones do you avoid? (building, hunting,
    mining, merchant, social)
  4. Are there any specific ways you can/would like to
    help the guild? Are you a freaky fast farmer? Do
    you stick to the mines like a dwarven powerhouse?
    Let us know!
  5. Are there any ways we can help you out?
  6. Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
For Hunters:

We hold community hunts and guild hunts often. Whether you just want to hunt, or are interested in leading hunts, or want to fill contracts to supply the rest of the guild, we are a great fit.

For Builders:

There are always building projects to do, whether working on the portal hubs, the Head Quarters, or creating amazing architectural wonders there is always something to build.

For Miners and Gatherers:

Those of you who enjoy the thwak of the axe, or the clank of the hammer can gather resources needed to fuel build projects and portals.

For Crafters:

All of those raw resources need to be transformed into building materials and tools, and we could use your expertise to manage the crafting hub and get the right resources crafted and into the hands of the builders.

For Shop Keepers:

We need some folks who can manage the guild shop, replenish the shopping plinths and request baskets, stay aware of the price market, make sure everything is organized and up to date.

For Portal Keepers:

For those of you who love the portal network you could be a portal keeper. Portal Keepers fuel and maintain the portal network, connecting players to the network.